International combat league
 au delàs du temps medieval tournois  
Largentaria 2013
3-4 Aout 2013
Rules of armoured combat
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1 .  Specifications:

 Re : Organization of a sporting medieval tournament including non-martial events.
Period :  XIV  -  XV.
Historicity :  The organizers tend toward reenactment.

Location : Largentière Castle  (south of France) (How to go) 

2 .  Compromise:

 The organization of a sporting medieval combat requires a balance between security and historicity. As we care for safety, we can make the following concessions to the historicity : use of hidden modern protection (protective cup required).

 3 .  Equipment required:

 No visible flesh will be tolerated.

Each contestant will submit voluntarily to the aptitude test and equipment control required.

The fighter declared unfit at the completion of this test may not take part in the tournament’s competitions.


- Head is fully enclosed in a steel helmet covering face, neck and sides, (minimum thickness = 1.5 mm – gauge 16).
- Sights won’t exceed 30 mm in all directions.
- Helmets with visors will be provided with an effective locking device.

Idee of the WE planning 


9h00 – 10h00

Armoured combat

11h00 – 11h30

Armoured combat

15h30 – 16h30

Armoured combat


Parade in town

19h00 – 20h00

Armoured combat


Banquet and danse


9h30 – 10h30

Armoured combat

11h30 – 12h0

Armoured combat

16h30 – 17h30

Armoured combat


Parade in town



Civil events like archery, medieval board games, etc... will be between the phases of armoured combat

- A leather gorget 4mm minimum is required.
- A steel gorget is highly recommended.


- The body is necessarily protected by thick leather (minimum thickness = 4 mm) or mail (minimum thickness = 1.5 mm and maximum diameter: 12 mm).
- A padded collar gambeson is strongly advised.
- Although anachronistic, the port of a protective cup is REQUIRED.


- The joints (shoulders, elbows, knees) are necessarily protected by steel plates. (Minimum thickness = 1.25mm – gauge 18). Mail protection for joints is not accepted.


- The hands must be protected by steel plates. (Minimum thickness = 1.25mm – gauge 18).
- Mail protection for hands is not accepted.


- The arms and legs are protected by the mandatory MINIMUM thick leather (minimum thickness = 4 mm) or mail (minimum thickness = 1.5 mm and maximum diameter: 12 mm).

 The organizers reserve the right to exclude fighters who do not have the required equipment.

 Each fighter must keep all of his equipment to himself during the complete duration of the tournaments.

 The armor will be inspected before each combat phase.  

The fighter who refuses to face an opponent who does not meet minimum standards of protection routinely wins by forfeit.

 4 .  Allowable Weapons:

 All weapons are blunt and have an edge of at least 1 mm.

The tip of a weapon can not exceed the arc of a coin of 20 cents.

Maximum length of the weapon: 160 cm

Maximum weight: 2.5 kg

The weapons are in good condition, made of wood and / or steel.

 Accepted weapons :

- Swords and daggers without asperity.

- Axes (with rounded blades that cannot hang on the opponent.)

- Shield or buckler, whose largest dimension can not exceed 1 meter.

 For security reasons, spears, daggers, hammers will be provided by the organizer.

 Weapons will be inspected before each combat phase.

 5 .  Events offered:

 A – Martial events

 Each tournament consists of rounds in which participants earn points that add up.
Each type of combat is recalled before the fighters enter the fray.
Rules of courtesy apply.

 The Rounds may consist of :

Duel 10 strikes,

Duel Sudden Death,

Duel for points,

Dagger Duel,

Unarmoured Duel,

Team melee,

 Prise d’arme,

Pas d’Arme,

Door, bridge or tower keeping duel, or teamed,

Battle Royale

Individual or Team Challenge,

Cutting contest,

Thrusting contest,

 The strikes can be registered:

"en qualité” restricted location to strike,
"en quantité" number of valid strikes to deliver,
"au sablier" the largest number of strikes against the clock


The fighting may be conducted:

"A plaisance": only the weapon can be used to hit the opponent.
"A outrance" cut – strikes – pommel – grappling - thrusting.

 Some rounds may be opened to the "taking of hostages".

 B-Civil events

 For completeness, a knight must also perform :

- Archery
- Crossbowing
- Use of a Trebuchet
- Dance
- Write a text
- Medieval board games
- ...

Examinations in these disciplines can be proposed and will be counted in the standings.
The public will be invited to judge certain events.

 6 .  Prohibitions :

 Are prohibited :

- The thrusting with swords and sticks,
- strikes with swords quillons  

(Whatever is not forbidden is allowed.)

 7 .  Strikes :

 A valid strike is a VOLUNTARY + CONTROLED + STRAIGHT blow that stops the opponent's body without being parried, deflected or bunted. The validity of the strike is subject to the fact that the blow was sufficiently effective if it was not controlled.

 The permitted or prohibited strikes shall be defined to the fighters before each combat phase.

 8 .  Individual behavior :

 All competitors in the tournaments must remain courteous and polite to other contestants, judges and the public.

 Provoke his opponents is allowed but shall in no way interfere with the tournament. Even if it is desirable that competitors attract public attention, language shall remain courteous and without profanity.

 The consumption of drugs (alcohol, drugs ...) before and during the tournament is prohibited.

 9 .  Marshals and judges

- 2 field Marshals

- 1 King of Arms

- 1 secretary to record results

- 1 herald with a microphone to be heard by the public

 10 .  The winner :

The winner will receive the title of “Champion de Largentière” for two years (until next tournament). The key to the city will be handed by the mayor.
His banner will float on the top of the castle’s tower until next tournament.

 11 .  Registration :

 Registration will be by invitation.
The fighters must provide proof of public liability insurance;
They must be over 18.
They will complete a release form.


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